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Listed Buildings

Here at NDK (Dorset) Ltd we offer  a complete restoration and renovation service for listed buildings and period properties.  We are able to offer a full project management service, working closely with our clients and a wide variety of specialist trades at all stages of your renovation project.

We undertake work on Grade I and II listed buildings, ensuring that we maintain the balance of character of your period property with modern functionality. This is a sensitive planning and building process requiring the up most in experience and expertise which, here at NDK (Dorset) Ltd, we can offer.

Listed building works include;

Lime plastering

Bespoke made windows

Bespoke made doors

Traditional brickwork in lime mortar

Painting with permeable paints

Materials are often hand sourced from reclamation yards etc

We can help you at any stage of your project, from planning through to completion, offering practical advice and a wide range of services.

High Quality Building Services At NDK, Call Us On: 01305 268 683